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Cheap International Calls from PC Phone Fax over Internet ISDN VoIP

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PC-Telephone Software

Enabling people and the business to communicate and collaborate as never before.

Convergence of the Internet and the public telephone networks ISDN /PSTN through Computer Telephony Integration and VoIP software.

Use your computer to make FREE PC to PC and cheap international PC to phone and fax calls over Internet and ISDN.

Cheap International Calls from PC to Phone and Fax over Internet

The next generation of PC to phone and fax calling is available! Make cheap phone and fax calls anywhere using your computer.

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  • Low international calling rates
  • Exceptional PC to Phone quality
  • Pay only for the time you talk
  • Track calls and account balance
  • Send Fax over Internet
  • Cheap USB phone handsets
  • Calls from SIP phones
  • VoIP calls from mobiles
  • VoIP calls over LAN and VPN

  • Cheap PC-Telephone calling cards
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    VoIP calls from mobiles
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    Free PC to PC Calls

    Make unlimited FREE PC to PC phone calls over Internet and LAN - no server needed.

    Cheap PC to Phone

    Cheap international phone calls from your computer over Internet.

    Phone/Fax to PC

    Turn your PC into ISDN telephone, fax machine, VoiceMail, phone recorder, etc.
    Free PC-Telephone software download
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    Low calling rates PC to phone and fax
    low calling rates

    Cheap USB phones
    cheap USB phones

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    PC-Telephone Video Tutorials and Demos