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Cheap International PC to Phone Calls over Internet from Computer

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PC to Phone Quality

The PC-Telephone gateway pctt.net is connected to the Internet via 100 Mbps fast trunk.

We do not route your International phone and fax calls to other VoIP gateways over Internet.

Your calls are routed over the public telephone networks ISDN/PSTN to the end telephone/fax device worldwide.

Therefore, the quality of the telephony we offer is much better and this is something you can easy verify.

See demo Cheap Calling Demo

Cheap International PC to Phone Calls over Internet

You can call regular phone numbers from your computer if you make your calls through a PC-Telephone gateway.

Cheap phone calls from your PC

Dial in the Phonebar a phone number with the following format: ipaddress#phonenumber, where ipaddress is the IP address or name of the PC-Telephone gateway and phonenumber is the regular phone number you like to call.

Free PC to Phone Test Call

Free PC to Phone Test Call Download PC-Telephone.

Type pctt.net#123 in the Phonebar and press the Dial button.

If you hear the voice message, your PC-Telephone is working properly and you can make cheap International phone calls over Internet.

If you do not hear the message, contact us at:

Start cheap International PC to Phone calling now!

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