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Free PC to PC phone / fax calls over Internet LAN VLAN VPN encryption

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Free PC Telephony

All PC to PC calls are with exceptional audio quality anytime and anywhere - no server needed.

Since PC-Telephone uses the IP address as a phone number it also works fine over VPN or virtual LAN, regardless of the encryption used.

Most of the Internet service providers offer permanent IP addresses especially with broadband connections like Cables, DSL/ADSL, LAN, etc.

If you cannot arrange to have a static IP address, you can use Dynamic DNS or VPN solutions like: no-ip, tzoDNS, NeoRouter, UnblockVPN.

Free PC to PC Phone and Fax Calls over Internet, LAN, VPN

Use PC-Telephone to make unlimited, free PC to PC phone and fax calls over Internet or your Local Network (LAN/VLAN).

Free Phone Calls PC to PC

Your IP address is your Internet phone number. Find your IP address in the PC-Telephone menu Network-IP options.

Enter in the Phonebar the IP address or name of the remote PC and press the Dial button.

In this way, the PC-Telephone software is a free replace of any home or office telephone system.

PC-Telephone can also be used for free PC to PC calling over Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Free PC-Telephone Test Call

PFree PC-Telephone Call Download PC-Telephone.

Type pctt.net in the Phonebar and press the Dial button.

If you hear the voice message, your PC-Telephone is working properly and you can make phone calls over Internet.

If you do not hear the message, contact us at:

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