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Bulk Fax Broadcast Software for Cheap PC to Fax calls over Internet

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Bulk Fax Broadcasting

Using PC-Telephone you can send fax documents over Internet to any fax machine worldwide.

PC to Fax calling rates are as low as PC to Phone calling rates.

The PC-Telephone Fax broadcasting is instant - no caching.

With PC-Telephone you can send bulk faxes simultaneously.

You can also send fax documents and make phone calls at the same time.

PC-Telephone offers the most reliable fax over IP transmission and that is something you can easy verify.

The PC-Telephone fax document is stored in Structured Fax File (SFF) format with modified Huffman compression.

If you have ISDN telephone line you can also use PC-Telephone as answer-phone, VoiceMail and ISDN fax software.

See demo Bulk Fax Broadcasting Demo

Cheap International PC to Fax Calls over Internet

You can send fax from your computer over Internet if you send your fax call through a PC-Telephone gateway.

Dial in the Phonebar a fax number with the following format: ipaddress#faxnumber, where ipaddress is the IP address or name of the PC-Telephone gateway and faxnumber is the regular fax number you like to send fax to.

The faxnumber should consist of only digits.

Cheap PC to Fax calls over Internet

How to Send Fax from my Computer? - see demo

Download and install the PC-Telephone software.

Print your document to the PC-Telephone Fax printer installed and enter the fax number in the Outbox dialog box as shown.

Send fax from your computer

All successful phone and fax calls are stored in the PC-Telephone Journal, where the fax documents can be viewed and printed by the PC-Telephone Fax Viewer.

Register your PC-Telephone software and start cheap International phone and fax calling from your PC over Internet.

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