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ISDN-VoIP Gateway

By supporting various communications networks PC-Telephone meets high grade of interoperability as no other software can offer.

By the fundamental ISDN CAPI, VoIP and SIP protocols implementation, the PC-Telephone software can in fact call and communicate with any other telephone device, anywhere, irrespective of protocols or standards used, if appropriate interconnect agreements are in place.

PC-Telephone SoftSwitch PBX Software

With the advanced Call Transfer capability the PC-Telephone software can also be used as a telephone exchange system (SoftSwitch/PBX) or gateway between different communications networks - Internet, LAN, VPN and ISDN/PSTN.

The picture below shows the possible PC-Telephone connections:

PC to Phone and Fax calls over Internet or ISDN

When the Call Transfer option is enabled, PC-Telephone automatically transfers the incoming phone and fax calls to the corresponding phone/fax numbers or IP addresses.

In this way your PC-Telephone works like a SoftSwitch transferring incoming phone and fax calls from ISDN/PSTN telephone networks to the corresponding computers in your local network and vice versa.

You can use the PC-Telephone gateway to make cheap PC to Phone calls and PC to Fax over Internet calls all over the world.

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