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Free VoIP Calls from PC-Telephone Voice over IP LAN VLAN VPN

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VoIP Calls over LAN or VPN

PC-Telephone offers a solution for the voice routing problem in Local Area (LAN) and Virtual Private (VPN) networks.

When used in LAN/VPN the remote PC-Telephone calls any PC-Telephone in the VLAN by the computer name or IP address - no server needed.

In this way PC-Telephone successfully replaces any home or office telephone system.

PC-Telephone works with many VPN solutions like: NeoRouter.com, UnblockVPN.com, HotspotShield.com

Voice over IP - LAN VLAN VPN

The advanced Voice over IP technology implemented in PC-Telephone enables you to make calls even when your PC is behind a Firewall, NAT or LAN/VPN router nothing to configure.

Free phone calls PC-to-PC over Internet, LAN, VPN

PC-Telephone works also if your PC is in Virtual Private Network (VPN/VLAN), regardless of the encryption used PPTP, L2TP IPSec.

As long as you have Internet and access websites you can also make unlimited, free PC to PC calls, cheap PC to Phone calls and PC to Fax over Internet calls with enhanced audio quality and reliable fax transfer.

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